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Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer

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Frank Frazetta, a master of fantasy art, created his own legendary character, Death Dealer. The demonic-looking, horned warrior has been used as the album cover art for the band Molly Hatchet. He has been featured in novel and comics series and later he became a mascot for the U.S. Army III Corps. Death Dealer has been one of the most widely imitated characters in gaming, comics and television.  While all the use was very flattering, the essence of Death Dealer still remains a mystery.
In quite a few interviews, Frazetta said past writers couldn’t grasp Death Dealer’s story to match Frazetta's imagery. He wanted the story of Death Dealer built similar to the world of Robert E Howard’s ‘Conan’ and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ‘Pellucidar.’ Frazetta wanted depth and complexity. Imagination.
The more we unravel Frank Frazetta’s life story, the more we believe Death Dealer was an extension of Frazetta. An alter ego of sort. Until the world truly knows Frazetta, we won’t know truly know Death Dealer.  Like Dr. Arthur Neuman says in the 1994 film ‘The Mask,’ “We all wear masks... metaphorically speaking.” Death Dealer was Frank Frazetta’s metaphorical mask. Frank Frazetta left pieces of himself in his art and in his character, who he was so proud of, Death Dealer. All the excitement and mystery has us on our toes. What will become of Death Dealer and the world of Frazetta? We are optimistic that in time, Frank Frazetta’s wishes will come true through hard work and authenticity. For now, we are putting our heart and soul into merchandising Death Dealer.  
“The Death Dealer series will be paperbacks and whatever else comes after that. And if they want to merchandise it: Good!"
Frank Frazetta (on the future of Death Dealer) Comics Interview with Steve Ringgenberg, 1984. 
This metal keychain was designed completely in-house from start (concept) to finish (manufacturing.) Working with our 3D designer to capture the detail of Death Dealer’s helmet while putting quality over everything was challenging yet exhilarating! An extra touch, which our inner child led us to, was adding the push button for red light up eyes. Perk: The battery is changeable so he will light up for years!
Thanks to the feedback from Frazetta's fans, we will  offer three finishes, Antique Silver, Matte Black and Antique Gold.  Each finish is limited to 500 pieces. The custom box is still being designed but we will unveil it soon on our social media channels.
The keychains go on sale as a pre-order November 14th at


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