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Frazetta Girls and San Diego Comic Con 2017

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Frazetta Girls and San Diego Comic Con 2017 

Exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con 2017 Fantasy Illustrator’s Pavilion was AWESOME. We would like to thank everyone who made this happen and showed their support with Frazetta purchases  and sharing in depth conversations regarding the magnitude of the impact Frazetta had on their lives. A special thanks to Rodd Mojica, Jim Bartlett, Stacy Bartlett, Emma & Aaron, Randall Loeb and  Larry Torro.

In case you missed it, The Frazetta Girls were accompanied by a cosplay group , Heavy Metal Heroes, based in Kansas City, MO. Heavy Metal Heroes was created by Jim Bartlett. Jim and his wife Stacy  are the kindest, hardest working people we’ve ever met. Jim showed such graciousness and excitement to bring Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer to life! When we initially saw Jim’s work, we knew that Heavy Metal Heroes and Frazetta Girls were a perfect match. The reactions of his costumes are truly priceless.  Adult and children attendees alike were intrigued by this mysterious, red-eyed, armed Dealer of Death. Who created this character? What is he? Who is he? How can we know more? Heavy Metal Heroes was able to score an amazing interview with SyFy and mention that this was in fact Frank Frazetta’s ‘Death Dealer.’ Spreading the love of Frazetta is all we could ever ask for. Heavy Metal Heroes also debuted a Red Morden and Princess of Mars character. It’s imperative for the younger generations to know what influence preceded their video games, shows and characters which they love today.
Princess of Mars by Heavy Metal Heroes
Death Dealer by Heavy Metal Heroes
Frazetta’s Barbarian Mask created by artist, Larry Torro, also made a debut at San Diego Comic Con. We had passing Comic Con attendees jumping out of their shoes as they caught a glance of the all-too real appearing mask. Larry was able to make an appearance on Friday and we had as always, the best time hanging and talking about new collaborations for the near future.
Larry Torro's Frazetta Barbarian Mask 
We are honored and humbled to be a part of our father/grandfather’s legacy and will continue to push his artwork into the present and the future through shows like San Diego Comic Con, collaborative efforts, designing apparel and accessories, selling prints for fans to hang and bask in the glory of his incredible ability.
We loved seeing our  long distance comic con family members It’s always a pleasure.
San Diego, we will see you in 2018.
Sara & Holly Frazetta


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