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Frazetta News Summer 2017

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Frazetta News Summer 2017

We're excited to share our newest collaborations, shows, art news and more.

First up, peep the logo (pictured above)! Our new logo was designed by Frank Frazetta. The viking girl with sword in hand riding her horse was a loosely drawn figure on a scrap paper lying around his studio titled "ideas for a logo." Finding this concept that had been overlooked and bringing it to life for Frazetta Girls has been an inspiring process. 



We released a new full sublimation t-shirt. Warrior Ball and Chain (pictured below) Shop our apparel section.

Another release we are excited to announce are the Frazetta "Classics" and "Girls" Sticker Collections. These vinyl stickers come in packs of 4. Be on the look out for new designs coming within the next few months.



Within the next few weeks the Frazetta Girls will be releasing women's apparel, pins, hats and will restock all of our full sublimation t shirts. 





  • Dennis Holland: October 17, 2017

    Is there a regular posting of information as in a “mailing list”, if so, how do I get added to it. Thanks.

  • Clayton Hinkle: July 24, 2017

    Hello Sara!
    My wife Colette and I met you at Comic-con-we are the ones who met your Grandfather the day after Elle’s passing, when we visited the Museum. I just wanted to let you know that you (and your fiancé, of course) made this ‘con a very special one to me. Frazetta’s art has been with me, in my mind, basically all my life—as soon as I saw it, he was my all-time favorite artist, and he still is. He’s influenced my own art, my view of what art is, and when I learned more about Frazetta the man, well he influenced me on what an artist can be, and what a man is. So, in other words, Frank Frazetta was and is very special to me. And so is his family, since Frank and my Dad were about the same age.
    So thank you for taking so much time with us, you made our ’con! BTW the book is awesome, I love it!

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