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Frazetta News Winter 2017

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Frazetta Girl's Winter 2017 News

Additional Convention Appearances

NEW Apparel and Accessories

We've been hard at work manufacturing new Frazetta Girls apparel and accessories and hope to have our complete 2017 line finished by May. Aside from our newest items, the Iron-On Patches, Living Legend Hoodie, Girl with Dragon and Shining Knight T-Shirts, we plan to release new designs of our full sublimation t-shirts, men's outerwear, a women's apparel line and more accessories for both men and women. We look forward to this release and as always, will keep you updated on our social media outlets.

NEW Collaborations 

We are proud to announce that we are currently working with a talented sculptors, such as, Larry Torro, Steve Smith and Jim Bartlett to create wearable Frazetta masks, helmets and armor. Currently we are offering hand-made collector's editions of our collaborative 'Barbarian' mask. From Torro Studios, comes the "Frazetta's Barbarian" Limited Edition collectible mask, based on one of the most iconic images in sci-fi / fantasy history. A career sculptor and portrait artist, Torro spent decades as a hired gun for film, T.V. and private collectors creating ultra realistic statues, busts and stunt masks. His skill for capturing likenesses and his love for Frazetta's art, converged to finally bring The Barbarian to life. Please follow us on our social media for the latest status of the armor, helmet and editions of the mask. 



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