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Death Dealer IV Preliminary Print

Death Dealer IV Preliminary Artwork 

16 x 20 - Premium Semi-Matte Photo Paper

$ 45.00

Death Dealer IV Preliminary Artwork 


Quality Satisfaction

We strive to bring you the finest reproduction Frank Frazetta artwork the market has ever seen. We Started with state of the art photography and lighting equipment to capture the masterful essence of the orginal artwork. We then use the highest quality printers, ink, paper and materials to product the masterpieces we bring to you walls!

Handcrafted Quality

Every print and canvas offered at Frazetta Girls is made to order and hand assembled! Working hand in hand with our professional partners at Lunardi Photography. Please allow 3-6 business days for production of your awesome Frazetta art!!

Frank Frazetta Verified

Frazetta Girls LLC is an official Frazetta family operated company! Support the Frank Frazetta legacy by directy purchasing from us and our in house production team!