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Frazetta x Torro "Barbarian" Mask - Limited Edition

$ 2,400.00

Frazetta's Barbarian Collectible Mask


From Torro Studios, comes the "Frazetta's Barbarian" Limited Edition collectible mask, based on one of the most iconic images in sci-fi / fantasy history. A career sculptor and portrait artist, Torro spent decades as a hired gun for film, T.V. and private collectors creating ultra realistic statues, busts and stunt masks. His skill for capturing likenesses and his love for Frazetta's art, converged to finally bring The Barbarian to life.



  • All are individually handcrafted, so each is an original piece of art. Every contour, wrinkle is matched line for line with the original painting. It's basically a wearable museum display bust.


  • Using a special formulation of skin-like and pre-colored natural latex, each thick but soft mask goes through an elaborate paint and hair process. No detail is spared even down to the hand laid eyebrows that help create the menacing scowl.


  • It features a high quality, human/synthetic blend, lace front wig. When you part the hair it looks like a real scalp. The wig also makes up the back half of the mask, allowing for ventilation and stretches to comfortably fit over most head sizes.


  • The polished, solid brass replica, double hoop earrings are almost identical in size to the original and add the finishing touch.


*Please allow 4 weeks for delivery*
*Shipping via Fed Ex includes full insurance on the product*



A message from the sculptor : Larry Torro
"When it finally sunk in that I'd be the guy making the official Frazetta's Barbarian mask for the Frazetta girls, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. What an honor and great responsibility. Once you see a Frazetta, you're ruined, at least that was the case with me. His is the standard. You'll always be comparing other art to his, and no one can capture movement, beauty, emotion and strength like Frazetta, a lot of the time with bold, deliberate brush strokes. I was amazed to learn how little time it took to complete some pieces. You don't know how many times I've heard, 'but it's got a Frazetta cover.
     By far my favorite fantasy painting of all time, It's really the perfect superhero piece, copied and parodied so many times. If the word badass is in the dictionary, that picture should be next to it. When I was a little runt, I tore that Conan cover off of a paperback and stuck it on the wall. I used to try to strike that pose, puff out my upper lip and rest one hand on a baseball bat. I know every nook and cranny of that face.
    I had decades to think about how I would approach making a life-size bust. Would I do it impressionistic, with bold sculpted strokes? or go for realism? I simply decided to make the painting jump off the canvas. Make him life-like but still keep the larger than life features, and that menacing look intact. Find the balance between keeping that color palette, but keep it based in reality. Make it so accurate, that if you did a side by side comparison, it would be almost identical. I also studied the other images of The Barbarian, the few different angles, to try and piece together that guy, and we all know Frazetta's face is definitely in there.
    So my wish is that this piece becomes a great addition to all the Frazetta collectors out there and also, I'd like to think that if Frank had seen this mask, he'd give me the thumbs up. I think the Frazetta Girl's approve and that's good enough for me." 


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