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The Sensuous Frazetta - Softcover

$ 25.00

Vampirella, Weird Science, Dejah Thoris... No one renders exotic women better than Frazetta, the World s greatest Fantasy artist. Until now, only the most ardent collectors possessed the elusive grail items from the short period of Frazetta s early-1960s Men s magazine and risqué paperback illustrations. Often selling for hundreds of dollars each, these rare publications bridged Frazetta s exodus from traditional comics work, to his now-legendary Conan, John Carter of Mars and Death Dealer oil paintings. Now, in an affordable volume, Vanguard expands their authorized line of Frazetta books with this, the most complete collection ever, of rare, vintage, Sensuous Frazetta. This book includes a Foreword by popular Cry For Dawn creator, Joseph Michael Linsner. Contents: FOREWORD Joseph Michael Linsner; Chapter One Between the Sheets (Paperback Interiors); Chapter Two Romance & Cigarettes (Sequential Art); Chapter Three Pretty Funny Women (Sex in a Humorous Vein); Chapter Four Saucy Stories (Men s Magazine Art); Chapter Five From Casting Couch to... (Hollywood Vignettes); Chapter Six Stars in her Eyes (The Zodiac Calendar).


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