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Sydney’s sensual photographs fuse fantasy with fashion

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Sydney Jackson's sensual photographs fuse fantasy with fashion

Los Angeles based artist and photographer, Sydney Jackson attended Otis College of Art + Design and specializes in photography and post production. Sydney has worked with notable brands, agencies and her work has been published in multiple magazines. 

We discovered Sydney’s portfolio of work via Instagram and found her images to be poetic in the way they celebrate the female form. Once we connected, Sydney  expressed her admiration of Frazetta’s depiction of the female form and the creative process began. Using projection art photography, Sydney turned model, Jordyn Johnson’s body into a canvas for Frazetta’s artwork.

“I love to play with fantasy and dancing between lightness and darkness.”
- Sydney Jackson

The smallest movements from Jordyn have a dramatic effect on the way the artwork falls across the body.  Together, Sydney and Jordyn created magic with Frazetta's artworks, "Reassembled Man," "Las Vegas," and "Mothman" through light and shadow. 

All Photos © Frazetta Girls/Sydney Jackson 2021

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  • Lolita Kamy: April 07, 2021

    Love it! Amazing reaction to the sensual art.

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