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In 2010, Frank Frazetta’s four children took ownership of the copyrights and trademarks which were in Frazetta’s possession at the time of his death. As representatives of the most influential fantasy artists of the 20th century, the family is committed to making Frank Frazetta’s work accessible to audiences worldwide. Frank Frazetta’s artwork continues to inspire creatives in all mediums. The Frazetta Girls licensing seeks out partnerships with companies

In recent years we’ve worked with Robert Rodriguez, KidRobot, Primitive Skate, Kabuki Models, Larry Torro, SSUR, Mob Grip and Humanoid Wakeboards. As Frank Frazetta’s reputation continues to grow, requests to use The Frazetta Girls copyrights and trademarks have increased. If you are interested in using Frazetta imagery for commercial or non-commercial purposes, please email your request to