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Frazetta Girls Brand

In the latter part of 2013, Frazetta's daughter, Holly, and granddaughter, Sara, embarked on a journey by establishing Frazetta Girls. This venture initially involved showcasing Frank Frazetta's exceptional artwork alongside a selection of vintage Frazetta posters and newly designed Frazetta "Signature" apparel at  comic conventions. Notably, this coincided with the exciting announcement by acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez to remake the 1983 film 'Fire and Ice,' which was a collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta.

Recognizing the opportunity to expand their reach and promote Frazetta's timeless artwork, Frazetta Girls enthusiastically collaborated with Rodriguez to embark on a touring exhibition of the original art, alongside an expanded range of merchandise inspired by Frazetta's captivating creations. This pivotal partnership further enhanced the visibility and accessibility of Frazetta's stunning artwork.

In early 2017, Frazetta Girls underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from exhibiting exclusively at comic conventions to establishing a prominent online store and evolving into a dynamic lifestyle brand. This evolution was made possible through their dedicated in-house merchandising team and the visionary leadership of Frazetta Girls' creative director, Joe Weber. Joe and Sara's combined efforts resulted in an online presence, bolstered by a robust social media engagement strategy.

Fueled by a passion for art and a deep admiration for Frazetta's artistic legacy, Frazetta Girls continues to expand their team of creative individuals who contribute to the growth and success of the brand. With each passing day, Frazetta Girls remains committed to celebrating the extraordinary artistry of Frank Frazetta and fostering a community of art enthusiasts who share a genuine appreciation for his captivating works.