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At The Earth's Core Print

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At The Earths Core


Frank Frazetta At The Earth's Core Paperback Cover Painting Original Art (1974). This boldly stunning l Frank Frazetta piece was used for the cover of the first Pellucidar novel by the legendary writer, Edgar Rice Burroughs! It is one of the most popular Frazetta images from his peak period, and from the artist's association with one of the most important science-fiction and fantasy authors of all time. Frank Frazetta. Whether an individual first came across his work on a paperback book, a poster on a wall, or a rock album cover, the impact of that image could stick with that person for the rest of their life. Frazetta's work with pulp stories in the early 1960s would begin a second act for an already accomplished career as an illustrator. He had worked in the comic industry since 1944. However, his paintings on the cover of reprints of works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and many others, would set him on a different path, and redefine the look of sword and sorcerer paperback novel covers. His powerful paintings would appear on book covers every year from 1963 through 1996. Couple that talent with the cover for a book introducing the land of Pellucidar in the novel At The Earth's Core, and you have an enduring classic image! The story first appeared serialized in the pulp magazine All-Story Weekly in 1914, and wasn't collected into a novel until 1922. It was reprinted several times, with this breath-taking image used for the popular Burroughs editions in the 1970s. The painting is dated 1974, and appeared on the 1978 version. As is the case with Frazetta's finest works, the image tells a rich and moving story in one image, and in this case it quite literally is weaving an essential part of the narrative. Frazetta of course excelled in masterfully dynamic compositions that lead the viewer's eye endlessly though a scene, resonating on multiple levels. Here, Dian is menaced by a Mahar in the subterranean caves. One of the most fantastic and often overlooked aspects of this incredible piece is the amount of detail in the background. When used as a book cover, the upper right portion was covered with text.The sensual character of Dian dominates this image, however, and with good reason. Frank Frazetta has long been known for his talent at drawing gorgeous, fascinating women. The fluid flip of her hair, and the supple roundness of her form show this as one of his finest female forms ever.



Prints Details:

Our art prints displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy on Premium Textured Fine Art Paper, Archival Gloss Canvas and Premium Semi-Matte Photography Paper

Textured Fine art Paper:

Description Our Textured Fine Art Paper is a natural-white art paper with a textured print surface.
Material White, cold press textured matte
Thickness 19 mil
Basis Weight 310g
pH Value 7.9
Whiteness 88.23%


 Archival Gloss Canvas:

Material 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester Blend
Fabric Weave Oxford 2 over 1
Gauge 22 mils
Basis Weight 440g
Whiteness 98 CIE
Opacity 90%
Gloss (@60° ) 6


Premium Semi-Matte Photography Paper:

Resin coated paper
ISO brightness 94%
Gauge 10.7 mils
Basis Weight 258 gsm
Whiteness 98 CIE
Opacity 96%
Gloss (@60° ) 16


These high quality reproductions are printed by family-owned Lunardi Studios located in Sarasota, Florida.


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