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Tales From The Crypt Print

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Tales From The Crypt 


"Nine years after Bill Gaines was forced to shelve EC Comics' horror, crime, and sci-fi titles due to creative restrictions enforced by the Comics Code Authority, Ballantine reprinted a number of the original tales in five volumes published between 1964 and 1966: Tales from the Crypt (1964), The Vault of Horror (1965), Tales of the Incredible (1965), The Autumn People (1965), and Tomorrow Midnight (1966). Frazetta, who had worked briefly for EC in the 1950s, painted the covers for the entire series. Note the impactful 'Frank Frazetta' written on the tombstone -- rather than his usual 'Frazetta' signature this may be the only time he inscribed his work differently, and with chilling effect. The oils on this prime era piece are pure Frazetta genius, right down to the ground around the hands, which give off a phosphorescent glow. This is an absolutely striking piece which appears to be the earliest professionally published horror painting by the artist!" - ComicLink


Original Art Prints Details:

  • Print of original artwork by Frank Frazetta
  • Made in the USA (Sarasota, Florida)
  • Please allow 2 weeks for your delivery
  • All prints are made to order and non-returnable


Textured Fine Art Paper:

Description Our Textured Fine Art Paper is a natural-white art paper with a textured print surface.
Material White, cold press textured matte
Thickness 19 mil
Basis Weight 310g
pH Value 7.9
Whiteness 88.23% 


Archival Gloss Canvas: 

Material 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester Blend
Fabric Weave Oxford 2 over 1
Gauge 22 mils
Basis Weight 440g
Whiteness 98 CIE
Opacity 90%
Gloss (@60° ) 6


 Premium Semi-Matte Photography Paper: 

Resin coated paper
ISO brightness 94%
Gauge 10.7 mils
Basis Weight 258 gsm
Whiteness 98 CIE
Opacity 96%
Gloss (@60° ) 16


These high quality reproductions are printed by family-owned Lunardi Studios located in Sarasota, Florida.


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