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Frazetta Falls In Love

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Frazetta Falls In Love

written by Sara Frazetta

In 1952,  warm Summer nights prompted groups of teens and young adults to gather at their usual hang-out: the Empire Roller Skating Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. With hit songs like "Rock Around The Clock" filling the room, the crowd's liveliness shined as they seamlessly pumped their skates around the rink. Two perfect strangers, Eleanore Doris Kelly (17) and Frank Frazetta  (24) were amongst the "regulars" at the rink. Frank’s effortlessly cool persona, dashing good looks and natural athleticism gave him an edge - and the girls really loved it.  While Frank could have courted any girl, he had his eye set on one. That one was Eleanore. 
Later that week, Frank once again caught a glimpse of that same girl. This time, Eleanore was standing in line at the Nathan's Hot Dog stand located in Coney Island. She was wearing a beautiful cream-colored dress with her blonde locks all perfectly pinned back. Frank, accompanied by one of his best pals, knew it was time to approach this girl. As he and his friend devised a plan, Eleanore noticed his attention was on her. "He was with one of his buddies and they were giving me the eye, whispering to each other, nudging one another and laughing," Eleanore recalled. "So I walked right over to them with my hands on my hips and asked, "Hey are you two talking about me?"  While remaining cool, Frank responded, "Yeah, we were!" He then asked her a follow up question, "Are you the girl from the skating rink with the short little skirt and purple panties?" Eleanore blushed.
Eleanore was instantly drawn to Frank and Frank to Eleanore. It was the love at first sight type of attraction. She thought he was incredibly gorgeous and struck her as movie-star type. He loved her fire. She was quick-witted, assertive and fun! Her body was exactly what he desired. She was petite, athletic, yet curvy. She was the muse he was yearning for. As they both let their guard down, Eleanore formally introduced herself as, "Ellie Kelly." From that night on, the two were inseparable. This love story to be continued...





photos and text  © Frazetta Girls, LLC  




  • Lee Wright: February 15, 2022

    Nice story and photos.I like the National Cartoonist Society T-shirt.

  • VIctor: November 11, 2021

    To be continued, when, next year???

    Come on, don’t leave me hanging! _

  • Alicia Balassa: November 11, 2021

    What a beautiful story…Gosh…That’s love!!!

  • Ken: November 11, 2021

    Excellent, Sara!

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