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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frazetta

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frazetta 

Post-war, in the early 1950s, extravagant weddings were reborn as the economy began to blossom once again. Frank Frazetta and Eleanor Doris Kelly marked their wedding day with dazzling affairs, punctuated by doo-wop music and stunning outfits. Eleanor wore a demure high collared, long sleeved, tea-length gown and Frank wore a three-piece tuxedo. Having met only four years earlier, Frazetta chose to marry “Ellie” because he sensed that she would be forever loyal. It was a feeling he hadn’t felt before.

They married in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, on November 13th 1956, which happened to fall on Sadie Hawkins Day, which is an American folk event and pseudo-holiday originated by Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner. At this time, Frazetta was working full-time for Al Capp as his top ghost artist, but Frazetta said his wedding falling on this “holiday” was a total coincidence. 

(Johnny, Adele, Ellie and Frank)

Ellie’s family ended up spending a pretty penny for the perfect wedding reception where they danced the night away in a elegantly decorated ballroom.  The gorgeous maid of honor was Frazetta’s younger sister, Adele, while the best man was Adele’s husband, Johnny. Frank’s entire family was in attendance as was Eleanor’s family. 


(Frank Frazetta’s extended family)


My grandma kept their wedding album in their sunken living room, where she spent most of her time. It was the community room of the house. The room where she watched her grandchildren play, the room she rode her stationary bike while she watched her all time favorite show, "Wheel-of-Fortune." It was the room where our family shared memories. I don’t believe it was coincidence that she decided to keep her wedding album on a low bookshelf.  I remember looking at the album with her hundreds of times. I loved to watch her reminisce. She deeply cherished that time of her life. It was the time where she and my grandfather were madly in love and the possibilities were endless. The time where she was glowing in youth. Of course, their relationship changed over the years, but for better or worse, they kept their vows and stayed together for 54 years. Their wedding album is now home with me and I will keep it until the day I pass to the other side. Happy
 Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa. <3

written with love,  Sara Frazetta 


text and photos © Frazetta Girls, LLC

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