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Frank Frazetta 'Silver Warrior' Limited Edition Giclée

Frazetta Giclée Classics: Series II

Published in 1973, "Silver Warriors" is a fantasy novel written by Michael Moorcock, a renowned British author known for his influential works in the fantasy genre. The book is set in Moorcock's multiverse, the Eternal Champion series, where various incarnations of the hero struggle against cosmic forces. For the cover of the "Silver Warriors" paperback edition, Moorcock and his publishers selected Frank Frazetta's "Silver Warrior" painting as a visual representation of the story's themes and atmosphere.

Frazetta's artwork perfectly captured the essence of heroic fantasy, which resonated with the spirit of Moorcock's tale. By featuring Frazetta's painting on the cover, the paperback edition of "Silver Warriors" instantly became visually striking and alluring to fantasy enthusiasts. The artwork's dynamic composition, vibrant colors, and evocative characters added an extra layer of allure and enticed potential readers to explore the book's contents.

Measuring 24x32 inches, the Silver Warrior Limited Edition Giclée print is a true collector's gem. With meticulous attention to detail, each print proudly displays the distinguished hand embossed Frazetta Girls logo, a symbol of authenticity and excellence. To further authenticate its uniqueness, an official hologram seal of authenticity accompanies every print.

Adding a personal touch and deepening the connection to the Frazetta legacy, each print is individually signed and numbered by Sara Frazetta, Frank's granddaughter and the proud owner of Frazetta Girls. 


Frank Frazetta 'Silver Warrior' Limited Edition Giclée

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